Gallery of selected woodcraft pieces

Our high street shop and gallery in Burford is a treasure trove of wooden delights and here you can see some selected items for yourself. Many are completely unique one off pieces, whilst others, although technically similar, in reality vary in detail so that no two are ever the same.

A selection of current favourites are shown in the gallery below. Clicking on any of the thumbnail images will provide greater detail.

  • Beautifully coloured leaping swordfish by John Mainwaring


    Craftsperson: John Mainwaring
    Woods: Coloured Sycamore
    Width: 310 mm
    Depth: 100 mm
    Height: 200 mm
    Price: 246.00

    This beautifully coloured swordfish is leaping the crest of a wave. John leaves natural wood showing through the swelling sea to create texture and depth.

  • Charming birch wood and felt contemporary bag from Jane Cummins

    Conference handbag

    Craftsperson: Jane Cummins
    Woods: Birch
    Other Materials: Handmade Felt
    Width: 290 mm
    Depth: 100 mm
    Height: 325 mm
    Price: 123.00

    Jane has combined her own 100% wool handmade felt with a laminated Birch plywood frame resulting in a unique contemporary handbag.

  • Robert Lewin's striking inlaid wooden bedside cabinet

    Bedside cabinet

    Craftsperson: Robert Lewin
    Woods: Oak and Walnut
    Width: 455 mm
    Depth: 452 mm
    Height: 629 mm
    Price: 850.00 **Sold**

    Sorry, this item has now been sold but we happily welcome your commissions for the same or different woods.

  • Elegantly contoured platter in silver leaf and sycamore by Dennis Hales

    Silver fruit platter

    Craftsperson: Dennis Hales
    Woods: Sycamore
    Other Materials: Silver Leaf
    Diameter: 290 mm
    Height: 100 mm
    Price: 245.00

    The middle of this lovely contoured platter has silver leaf detail. The cherries, plum, apples and pear are covered in distressed silver leaf which allows the black base to show through.

  • Beautifully carved cantering shire horse by Sue Navin

    Shire horse

    Craftsperson: Sue Navin
    Woods: Brown Oak
    Width: 225 mm
    Depth: 50 mm
    Height: 210 mm
    Price: 435.00

    From the flowing mane to the feathers on his fetlocks Sue captures perfectly the pleasure of this horse enjoying a good canter.

See something you like?

These very special pieces aren't available to buy online in our shop but if you would like to purchase anything displayed above, or if you would simply like some further information please contact us (don't forget to tell us which piece you're are interested in) and we will get back to you.

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